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Loop of death after screen replacement

Replaced the screen unit on an iPhone 6, then went into the LoD. Did a restore with itunes and got the phone working again but only with the digitizer cable and display cable attached. As soon as I add the front camera cable or touchID cable, then the LoD starts again. Interestingly. If I boot with only the first two cables attached, then once the phone as started attached the last 2, then the phone works fine.

I think I know the answer but I want to hear suggestions, comments or other experiences before jumping to my conclusion.


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This question is interesting, if you know how to solve it, please @me thank you


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Can you confirm if it's front camera or home button? It usually isn't both that has gone faulty.

My guess is the home button extension cable metal plate that goes behind the screen needs to be replaced.

Does the front camera work fine, all functions e.g proximity sensor which makes screen go black during calls when put near your ear. Ambient light sensor which is auto brightness, ear piece speaker has sound?

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Just tried again, and I can boot with three flex cables attached:



Home button

If attach the front camera cable then I get LoD

But if I boot with three cables and add the front camera, the phone continues to work.

that said, Front camera and proximity sensor do not work and TouchID doesnt work either.



Front camera ribbon cable assembly needs to be replaced.

Touch id not working could be due to a bad home button extension cable metal plate that goes behind the screen.

As both parts are fairly cheap I recommend getting them replaced.


Thanks Ben.

replaced Front camera ribbon and I can now boot and camera works fine.

For the touchID, is there a way to replace just the cable extension from the home button and reattach to the plate, or do I need to replace the whole plate as well?


You can just replace the cable only but it looks messy to do, it's better to get the plate with the home button extension cable preassembled.


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