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Fan running loud and overheating

My ps4 fan was not running and getting the red light of death and called myself replacing the fan and thermal paste myself and still after 10 minutes the fan started running loud and i got the red light again. Please help!!!

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While you had it apart, did you clean out all of the dust that had accumulated? Try unseating and reseating your power pack. Could be a bad controller for the fan. Also try updating console operating system.


The original fan wasn’t working at first I took it apart , clean it and but it back together and when I turn it on and let it sit the fan gets faster and faster then I get the red light. I don’t know why the fan runs so fast and the PS4 gets so hot fast . As soon as I get on a game the fan runs the the PS4 turns red and shuts down


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your PS4 is over heating again maybe because you did't put it together right. I mean the thermal paste isn't contacting the cooler. Try again and check if it's put together correctly if it is then you can buy external fans for PS4 and if it's not try changing thermal paste again. Maybe is just fan dead.

External PS4 fans: https://www.amazon.com/Dobe-Cooling-Fan-...

I hope it helps

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