Late 2011 model, A1278 / 2.4 GHz i5 or 2.8 GHz i7 processor.

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Battery bad, trackpad not detected.

Hi everyone.

I bought this MacBook Pro Late 2011 defect on ebay for 50 USD.

I took out the motherboard and cleaned EVERYTHING on it (looks brand new)

I popped In a 120GB SSD and 4 GB of Memory, booted It up and It now "PARTIALLY" works.

The Problems I have Is the following:

1. Trackpad Settings Is missing, It pops up with the "Wait for a bluetooth trackpad"

2. Battery Is not detected at all, as soon as I take out the power cable It shuts completely off.

3. Really slow on normal boot, but when I hold down the power button for 10 sec, plug in the cable, and then release the power button, the fans blow at full speed, but the MacBook runs a perfect speed without any issue.

Have been trying to research this for about a week, but haven't found anyone with the same issues, hope someone can help :-)

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Thanks @mayer and @danj!


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It sounds like the logic board was liquid damaged in some way. Your symptoms cover a few different areas of the logic board.

Your MagSafe port may need to be replaced. do a proper inspection following this Apple T/N: Apple Portables: Troubleshooting MagSafe adapters Also make sure you have correct unit. The magnet is glued to the case as long as the glue is not interfering with the mounting of the connector you should be OK. Did someone re-glue it in?

Starting with the battery the charging logic on the main logic board is damaged. There are a few MOSFET's which can be damaged when they get wet (short out).

The trackpad cable and/or the trackpad its self is damaged. Here is the IFIXIT guide to replace it: MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Late 2011 Trackpad Replacement Liquid spills often kill them. You'll need to pop it out and inspect it for corrosion even still the liquid could have seeped into the layers of the trackpad.

A slow system maybe a SMC type of issue. Your system has quite a few thermal sensors and some will cause the system to drop into Safe Mode to protect the system from overheating. You'll need to get a good app to monitor what these sensors are telling you. Here's what I use: TG Pro Post a screen capture of the main window so we can see what TG Pro is telling us.

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Hi there :-)

The MagSafe Isn't glued In at all only held with the 2 screws and I can see the 4 magnets through the charging port.

The battery I have no idea about, I have ordered a replacement battery which should arrive tomorrow (was this even a good idea?)

The trackpad Is not water damaged, I can confirm this by testing my known good trackpad from another Late 2011 13" It Is just not detected in the settings menu.

Here Is a screenshot from the FREE Version of TG Pro

Here Is the parts I have on the way:

New MagSafe port (9th January)

New Battery (tomorrow)

I don't see any signs of water damage, or any corruption on the board (except for some dust)


Here is a couple pictures of mother board see anything wrong? Magsafe pictures too



I said Magnet Not MagSafe is glued


Ahh okay :-)

Well a update:

I am now at a point where It blinks 5 times each time I power It up...

Think I should try put all the replacement parts in once they arrive tomorrow and see If It will work normal??


@danj you win =)

It was a SMC fail i got a new one and got it on the board and now everything works like new :-)


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On the battery, did you remember to plug it back in? I always forget to do that when working on my MacBook Air.

Also, what did you use to clean the logic board?

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I have checked the connection multiple times.

It Is fully connected, and I don't see any damage around the connector.


Does it work with the old battery?


Have not installed a new battery...

I have a new battery which should be here tomorrow, but the current one should work just fine, It does in my other MacBook Which Is a Mid 2010 13"


What condition was it in when you bought it?


Never got to check the condition of the battery as the MacBook wouldn't turn on when I first received it.

My older 2010 MacBook says It's fine and the cycles Is somewhere above 800


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