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had problem with no wifi and signal

@refectio is there any real way to tell if bb is bad or if its pm8019. this phone was liquid damaged before and dead. i got it working again but i worked around pm8019 and the audio ic. wifi was fine when i give it back to the person but got it back 2 days ago wifi was greyed out, so i looked at it today and turned out that c5202_rf was the cause. im not getting any signal, its either searching or no service. when i checked *#06# before removing c5202 it went off dial screen. now when i do it, its like it deletes the *#06# and stays on dial screen

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You pretty much have to pull them to see what solves what, especially with water damaged boards.

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does it matter if some ground pads are missing from the bb ic


It might not matter. You should check the schematic to see if it is a true ground pin (usually connected together internally) or an input that requires it to be grounded (not connected internally).


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