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Is cpu replacement possible

@refectio. so i removed u2000 and the processor from that 6s board, still getting shorts to the left of u2000. theres a few solder pads missing on the cpu and i was wondering can i replace it with a new cpu or is it the usual its paired with the board and i will have to try and repair cpu traces. the reason i removed cpu is because of the solder balls around it didnt look to good

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The CPU is paired to the NAND, BB and EEPROM (and TouchID) so you can't just "replace" it. What do you mean by "getting shorts to the left of u2000"...which lines and on the left of what?

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seems to be buck1_lx0 . im not near it atm just looking at the schematic


If you can remove the 4 inductors on Buck1 (easier than removing the CPU) , then you will be able to determine if the short is on the PMIC side of things or the CPU side. If it's CPU, then it's pretty much dead.

Also, remember that PP_GPU is a low resistance line, it will probably only read ~10-20 Ohms so it looks like a short to the multimeter but its not really shorted. I just re-read your question and you already removed the CPU. What resistance are you reading on PP_GPU?


im getting open line


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