The Nissan Altima is a mid-size automobile manufactured by Nissan, and is arguably a continuation of the Nissan Bluebird line, which began in 1957.

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Help, driver headlight issues and burning oil fast

So my driver side headlight not working, eve after i changed it twice. We believe it is a blown fuse but idk where to look and which one will be the one. Can you help.

Also my car has been drinking alot of oil, do this mean i need a oil change?

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Katina Renee @jayeff has given you what you need for the lights and some sound advice as far as the oil consumption goes but there is one thing you can try to stop the problem . If the motor is a 2.5 litre make sure your using the proper oil . It calls for 10w30 oil and if you use 5w30 or other lighter grades you will use a lot as it will actually run through the valve guides . This motor is terrible for this but simply using the proper grade oil should fix the problem . One last thing you should change the oil and filter every 3500mile or 6000km if you want to enjoy your car for a long time , failure to change the oil on a regular schedule is a death sentence for the engine. Hope this helps

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I check the fuse everything good


Hi my headlights lowbeam no power


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Check Fuses # 28 and #30 in the engine bay fuse block. They supply power for the Left headlight, High and Low Beam.

Is the car burning oil or leaking oil?

An oil change won't solve the problem if you are losing oil.

To prevent further damage to the engine ensure that the engine oil level is always at the correct level on the engine oil dipstick until you can get the problem fixed. Check the level when the engine is cold. If oil needs to be added do not overfill.

If it is burning oil there are problems in the engine itself. Check for blue smoke coming from the exhaust pipe when the engine is running. Depending on how much oil is lost will give an indication of the severity of the problem, (check the oil dipstick regularly -every time you fill with gas perhaps until you get to know the loss rate). Do not let the oil level drop below the Low mark on the dipstick as it may cause more damage to the engine. Take it to a reputable mechanic for advice.

You will know if it is leaking oil as there should be tell tale signs in the engine bay (and possibly on the ground beneath the engine when you are parked) of fresh oil on the outside of the engine somewhere. (Oil belongs on the inside of the engine). Again take it to a reputable mechanic for advice

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