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Lanzada en USA y Europa el 28 de Julio de 2017, la Nintendo 2DS XL es una consola portátil de la familia de la 3DS XL.

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Both screens of my Pokeball 2dxl are blank

I bought the the 2ds xl about two months back and it has worked perfectly. But when trying to play it recently both screen are completly black. It is clearly on because the light indicating that is powered on is lit. It has never been dropped or anything like that. Just out of the blue both screens stopped working.

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Hi @mattyice456 ,

Consult the manufacturer's warranty statement that came with the documentation for the console (usually it is found in the User Guide) as to what you have to do to make a claim for a manufacturer's warranty repair/replacement or refund.

If you cannot find it search online for 2ds xl warranty for your location.

You do not want to be opening the device to find the cause of the problem as this will void the warranty.

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