Released on September 19, 2014, this 5.5" screen iPhone is the larger version of the iPhone 6.

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Touch ID available with after market homebutton

So I bought a iPhone 6 Plus with a busted up screen and missing home button, got it pretty cheap. I repair iPhones so I’m always looking to buy broken ones to resale. I installed a new screen and homebutton on the iPhone and new front facing camera.

My Touch ID never worked and I didn’t expect it to because I knew it was a after market homebutton.

Well like 10 makes minutes ago I installed the new iOS 11 and after the update completed it asked me to set up my Touch ID and I was surprised when it was actually scanning my finger print! And now my Touch ID feature works again even with this aftermarket home button!!!

Is this a glitch with the new iOS? Or have they allow d aftermarket homebutton to be able to set up the Touch ID feature?

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Touch ID didn’t work on this phone untill I updated to the new iOS. I tried setting it up before when I first got the phone fixed and it wasn’t working. As soon as I did the new iOS update tho it said “your almost finished” and asked me to set up Touch ID and it actually allowed me and it still working right now.


Who'd you buy the phone and home button from?


I'd recommend you check your serial number. see if the phone is fake.


I bought the phone from someone in my town, I repair iPhones and iPads, been doing it for years now. The phone isn’t a fake one I know my Apple products lol but I bought the homebutton from cellphoneage

I legit bought the iPhone 6 Plus for $75 then bought a Full screen asymbly from cellphoneage and installed it. I’ve actually been using the phone as my personal phone for about 2 months now and the Touch ID never worked. I decided to update my iOS and all of a sudden the Touch ID started working as soon as the update finished. Not making this up one bit.


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Tested on an in-store phone we use for parts diagnostics. Didn't work. You may have just gotten very lucky and had the serial numbers match.

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That would mean it would have to be the original.


I assure you it’s most defiantly not the original home button. When I bought the iPhone it didn’t even have a home button in it, the screen was busted and home button was missing. I bought a full screen asymbly from cellphoneage. Th Touch ID feature never worked I tried and it would always fail. As soon as I did the new iOS update it asked me to scan my finger I wasn’t expecting it to. But it actually did and the Touch ID feature has been working ever since I updated to the new iOS. I done the repairs to the iPhone MYSELF so I know for a fact this isn’t the original home button and it only started working after the iOS update finished.


I wasn’t saying it was, for his answer to work that would be what would have to happen


Ah I see what you was saying.


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