"internal storage running out.

I keep getting the message "internal storage running out.please free up some space." But I can't free up space because the message keeps coming up.

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I would try restarting the phone and see if that will keep the message closed long enough for you to free up some space.

If that doesn't work, you can plug your phone into a computer using the usb charging cable, and access the phones hard drive from the computer. From here you could manually delete/ move files around to free up some space. Plus anything you want to remove but still keep, you can just copy the files to your computer then delete them on the phone. Most likely your larger and easiest files to move around will be in your DCIM and or Download folder.


Hi @drsuesst20 ,

Just be careful which files you move/delete etc. as you could remove important system files which may make your phone initially inoperable. As @usmiljtw28 said stick to the DCIM and Download folders,

Also have you got a SD Card inserted in the phone? You could move your pictures and perhaps some apps to free up internal storage space. (not all apps can be moved to SD card)


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