My Brother mfc-j430w Won't stay connected to wifi

hi, I have recently had some changes in my home network hardware, I upgraded the router, and other wifi extensions, everything works fine on all the other devices on the LAN (Ethernet or wifi), except for the printer which doesn't stay connected to the WIFI.

Every time I want to print, I have to go and put my wifi password, then it prints a page which indicates the connection is okay, but the problem is that after some time it just disconnects and doesn't stay connected.

I contacted my ISP and they didn't activate WPF when upgrading the modem, but still after activation, printer behavior remains the same.

Important to mention, when looking for SSID the printer detects the nearby networks, and for some reason my network is displayed 4 times under the same name.

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Hi @aloniznbotom ,

Try printing the printer's wireless status report and check the error code(s).

On the printer press Menu > scroll (arrow up or down) to find Print Reports > press OK > scroll to find WLAN reports > press OK > press Mono (Black) Start or Colour (color) Start


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