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replaced front screen and now won't boot up when front camera is in

replaced the front screen on my iPhone 8 and now when i plug front camera flex in it won't boot up fully it just stays on apple logo then flashs black and then apple logo again, i have tried 4 new front cameras and two different screens with no luck, boots up fine when camera is disconnected

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When replacing your screen, you may have damaged some components in the area surrounding the front camera connector. That would explain why multiple replacement cameras don't work. There is a soft gasket around the connector but underneath that are some tiny SMD components. If one is pried off or partially dislodged, it can cause some issues depending on it's role in the overall circuit. Ideally, it will have to be looked at by someone with at least a good microscope and preferable a micro-solderer.

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Hi yes I understand this is a possibility, although I do own a repair shop and do countless Screens, and I have never broken a phone or component in 6 Years, thanks for the advice I Will get it checked out, thank you

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Could it be for not having the flex home connected? I am doing tests and when disconnecting the home button, no screen starts me, just block and restart every 1-2 minutes. When I connect the home, it starts again in a few seconds.

sorry for my bad english

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