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iPhone 6 wont charge after replacing battery

i replaced my iphone battery yesterday it came on with 75 percent so i ran it until it died last night. i placed it on the charger and saw the charging indicator and went to bed. i woke up this morning and its not showing anything, no charging indicator or anything just a black screen. i tried holding the power and home button for more than 30 seconds and got nothing. any ideas?

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what was the reason for changing the battery, was the old 1 taking long to charge etc. if so it might not have been the battery but the charging ic. other than that it could the new battery is bad


i changed the old battery because it was dying on 40 percent and draining very fast after short usage.


could be the charging ic thats at fault


It's charging ic if apple logo doesn't show with battery unplugged and charger plugged in.


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There are two possibilities here:

  1. You have a bad quality replacement battery
  2. You're charging circuit on the logic board is defective

Normally, the first step in troubleshooting is to replace the battery with a known-good (or high quality from a reputable vendor) battery.

You can also open up the phone and disconnect the battery. Measure the voltage of the battery with a multimeter. The phone requires that the battery be at least ~3.5V in order for it to boot. If you're battery reads higher than this, then you definitely have a logic board issue. Also try @benjamen50 suggestion.

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