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Repair guides and support for tablets manufactured by Vivitar.

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I dont understand..screen cracked when shipped to my address

i called the phone number that was in package.says DO NOT BRING TO STORE.. operator put me on hold when i inquired about how i return somthing that was in default?? i just want somthing i looked forward to playing with my family

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Hi @revkev

You'll have to call them again and ask them what you have to do to get a replacement or a refund.

If you are placed on hold and not answered again I suggest that you email them regarding your problem.

If you still can't get anywhere contact your government's consumer affairs or fair trading department for advice.

Here is a link the the manufacturer's warranty statement which may be of some help.

In my opinion, it is a poor warranty that expects you to pay postage let alone insured postage for a return of a faulty product.

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I would also Google the reputation of this supplier to see if it is a scam.


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