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Dead after battery replacement

I replaced the battery in my Iphone 5S, but it won't power up. But - it seems to be charging because the phone is warm. The fact that it gets warm makes me thing the battery is plugged in OK. I carefully put it back together following the excellent guide. I did not tear the home button cable or other cables.

Any ideas would greatly be appreciated. I'm feeling pretty frustrated right now.



Update (12/31/2017)

I got the phone to come back to life by unconnecting the screen, battery, and home button, blowing out dust, and putting it back together.

The issue I have now is that the screen is flickering (looks like a slow refresh), and has some squares across the middle. It also has some vertical bars running from top to bottom. Any ideas?

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Chances are the replacment battery is faulty.

Can you try unplugging the battery and then plug the charger in to see if you get an apple logo, if you get an apple logo the issue is with the battery.

If you do not get an apple logo with then the issue is more likely to be either screen or U2 Tristar charging IC. Even with a bad charging IC you should be able to at least see an apple logo or it turning on properly with a charged battery.

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Well there is probably something wrong with your phone. Even without an battery plugged into your phone and your phone plugged into power it should be able to atleast have the blacklights of the screen to turn on and go into a booting loop.

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