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Lanzado en Septiembre 16, 2016. Modelos 1660, 1778. Disponible en GSM o CDMA / 32, 128, o 256 GB / Oro Rosa, Oro, Plata, Negro Mate y Negro Brillante.

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infinity loop, random boot, but no speaker, ring or hearpize

Hi, and thks for read.

My screen broke, so i buy a replacement screen, when i change the lcd for the new one, the iphone start the boot loop, so i put again the broke one and the boot loop appear with the broken screen, but after 3 reboots the phone boot up just fine, the home button work, bur the phone star to freeze, and freeze, i read in the forums that could be the camara and proximity flex, in the post said that whent they disconnect the flex, the phone boot up just fine, but i try and my phone keep in the boot loop with the camera and proximity flex disconnected.

So i install the new sreen and verify all the flex, the phone after a few boop and restart, boot up normal, but it keep freezing, so i call to the phone and what i find, was the phone not ring, the hearpice not working, an the option of loudspeaker was not avaible, what i think is the flex of the camera and proximity sensor is damage. is the any other test i can make to be shure ?? or that issues can be of the blame of another part.

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UPDATE: i find that the his a problem related with all the audio, i can not use the mic, like voice note, or a talk, all the audio is dead, a friend say that is the ic of audio that is beig moved with the drop of the phone, but i think not because of the problem start when i change the screen, i really think is the flex of proximity and camera

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SOLVED: so after see all the coments and other post, i was thinking all nigth long and become with the last try before buy some parts.

1.- the problem was origin from the "change" of the screen.-

2.- was from the process, not for the new screen

3.-the problem was making the boot loop, but random boot normal.

4.- when it star the the screen freeze and work againg.

5.- the audio not work, like it was damage the ic of audio.

6.-when i disconnect the proximyti and camera flex the problem still remain.

So after read a lot, what i did was put some black insulatin tape with a lot of care, in the flex, and the parts where the flex sit, so a put adicional tape in the metal plate of the screen in the edge, so will not short from the flex to the frame of the lcd, because, even when i disconnect the flex the short keep present, so i was thinking the short was from the screen frame with the flex. and BUM the phone just work fine. big big kick in the nuts this screen replacement, even more because the phone is from my wife hahahaha.

thks for the great forum.

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If you haven't, try a newer replacement part, possibly ones from iFixit. From my experience, when a phone acts weird during a repair with a new part, it could be the new part being defective and the old part being bad. I have had to order newer parts and everything work out just fine. Those sensors are touchy and could be damaged in the slightest possible way. But trying a newer screen could eliminate the idea that the screen is the problem. If that doesn't fix it, there might be a deeper problem occurring.

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thks for the quick replay, but i think the new screen is not the problem, because is making the same problem with the old one, the phone just work fine before the screen replacement, i think i damage something in the process, but the question is what part was ??, yes the next step y buy a new flex

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Check your connectors and be sure they don't look damaged. Both on the screens and on the board. Be sure that the cable for the sensors is folded correctly and is not being pinched awkwardly.

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could be the screen make that all the audio function are dead ??

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