The Protocol VideoDrone AP 08A16 is a lightweight drone that includes a 960p HD camera. It was released in September 2016 and it includes a 4GB memory card.

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Why can't I view the videos on my computer?

I would record a video with my videodrone. When i connect it to my computer the video date is in 1979 and it wont play. How did i get the videos i record to play on my computer.

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the format is avi. but the photos will open



What video playback program are you trying to use to watch the video on in your PC??

Try installing VideoLan VLC media player as it supports a lot more video formats than the Windows media player (if that's what you are trying to use)


i dont know either the screen is black for me


It wouldnt connect said no removable disc


What format is the video in? (Example: .Avi .Mov .Mp4)


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Probably the videos were not recorded because you pressesed the buttons twice.Or your camera has dysfunctioned.

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