Model A1286. Released February 2011 / 2.0, 2.2, or 2.3 GHz Quad-core Intel Core i7 Processor

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New battery from ifixit does not charge

O bought a battery from ifixit to replace my MBP battery and it has to be drained before international shipping. Now that I installed it on my laptop my MBP won't recognize it and keep going to sleep I have tried doing SMC reset an PRAM reset with no luck

Update (12/22/2017)

My laptop keep going to sleep when i turn it on and when i oress the power button for a while screen turn on but immediately going back to sleep

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Yes until I left it for a month or so then it wouldnt turn on or charge when i managed to turn it on it shows that i need to change the battery(old one) thats when i got the new one


This sounds like an issue with the battery did the mac charge the old battery correctly?


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If you haven't already done so, double check your work by going through this guide. If everything was done properly, I would contact iFixit Support to review the options; you may have a defective replacement battery.

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