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Información y guías de reparación del iPhone 8 que salió a la venta el 22 de septiembre de 2017. Modelo: A1863, A1905

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I want to buy a back glass for the iPhone 8

I want to buy a back glass for the iPhone 8, I tried to search for it but did not find, please give me the link to this piece

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You can find it here. I linked the white glass but they also sell the black and gold ones too. The real chalenge is getting the old one off without damaging the inner housing. Some folks have used heat, others cold. I haven't done it myself so you'll have to research that a bit more.

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the phone, having been released in Setptember, has yet to acquire a good selection of certified parts released for retail. mostly just screens, and occasional flexs. The only real way to acquire a decent part, will be to reclaim it from another iphone 8. you will need tolocate someone reclaiming parts to find it. (Kijiji, craigslist, and ebay are your best bets for that.

unfortunately, apple it charging a buttload to do this repair.

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