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An audio/video receiver (AVR or home audio receiver) is a consumer electronics component used in home theaters that convert signals into sound.

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X1 Xfinity Voice remote pairing codes

Do you know the X1 Xfinity remote pairing codes for Onkyo TX NR 727 receiver

and also Do you know the X1 Xfinity remote pairing codes for Onkyo TX SR 706 receiver

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Hi @markk4341

Here are some codes that you could try. They are applicable to Onkyo. The website where the information comes from doesn't distinguish between model numbers, only makes.

31805 /Others to try -31965, 30135, 31320, 32730, 34041, 31298, 33992, 33984, 33312, 33326

30135 / Others to try -30842

This link may also be of interest to you.

Hopefully this is of some help

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Thankyou Jayeff, for trying, and making the suggestion of the new code 30842. It did not work.

I tried all the XFinity suggested 10 codes ( 31805,31965,30135,31320,34041,31298,33992,33984,33312,& 33326) and NONE worked.

I should point out that I have Logitech 1000 universal remotes that work with the receivers, so the codes MUST exist.

The cable company is USELESS.

I tried calling ONYKO who said its a Xfinity issue. So.. I am stuck. Any further suggestions?

- de

Hi @markk4341 ,

Am taking a longshot guess here and suggest that you try the following codes Really not trying to waste your time with this:

31935 Others to try

31023, 31384, 31459, 31963, 30823, 30531, 33956

Rationale behind this. These are codes for Pioneer audio devices. Onkyo purchased Pioneer Home Audio in 2015, so perhaps there may be a crossover.

By rights Xfinity should have the correct working codes for your device as other universal remotes work you said.

Just curious are the Logitech remote codes for your TV the same (or close) as the Xfinity remote TV codes? (assuming you can use the Logitech for the TV). Perhaps you can try the Logitech Onkyo codes in the Xfinity. Apologies if you have already thought of this.

- de

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Reset the whole system and if the problem still persist then you can call on Comcast customer service number. Hope this might solve your problem.

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I'm sharing the exact xfinity remote codes 5 digit guide, In this guide all codes are available for the Xfinity models. It will help you to pair up your device with the remote control :) Thanks

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