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error 9 while restoring/updating

i noticed that iphone 8/8+/X won't accept any cable exept original one

so if you are thinking to restore/update your iphone 8/8+/X with itunes don't use anykind of cable just original one

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Thanks for this tip. I have an iPhone 5s here which also suddenly crashed and doesn't want to restore/update. Good chance the cable isn't accepted. The progress bar appears and the 'checking iphone' line appears in itunes but no bar progress.

I'll keep you posted if the cable is indeed the cause as soon as I get hold of an original one.

- de

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If you continue to see an error during the update:

Check for updates to your Mac or PC. If you restart your computer for an update, check for updates again after you restart.

Try to restore your device using another USB cable.

Try to restore your device on another computer.

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