Released August 2013. Identified by model number Z796C

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How can I fix stuck on white screen

Stuck on white screen

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You will need to supply more details. like, Did you attempt to fix anything on it recently? did you drop it? did it get liquid damage?


Dropped it and waited on it to die. Still on white screen


Hi @hogan77 ,

try removing and then replacing the battery and check if this resets the phone


I have the same problem but I didn't drop it the ZTE powered by Android screen comes on fine but then go straight to all white idk what to do please help


My ZTE Majesty is also doing this, after a day and a half of a white screen it just decided to work for me... I've had this phone for 17 days and the return policy only allows 15 days to return electronics... Figures.


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A white screen could be caused by a loose led connection. You need to take it apart and check screen commection.

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