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Tiny black plastic thingie?


I have just replaced my iPhone 6 front panel, following this tutorial Reemplazo del Panel Frontal iPhone 6

After opening up the phone I discovered a loose small plastic thingie that simply fell out of the inside of the phone.

It is a black hollow plastic rectangular knob roughly 2x3mm with a round hole through it. I have no idea where it came from or where to put it. See for now image.

The phone reassembled fine without it and is working now. But knowing it's purpose would give me more peace of mind.

Does anyone recognize that thingie and know where it belongs?


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Hmmm... maybe you can take a photo of it compared to the size of say a penny or some other coin. that might help


what do you mean "authorized"? This is a community run site! no worries! if you wanna know how rep works you can take a look at the link but that does not mean you cannot help! Reputation


By the looks of it you're probably right! scroll down to the bottom of the page and answer the question. that's how you earn rep!


Thank you all for the replies! Michael was spot on: I could find the same thingie on the one of the LCD prongs.


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Block Image

@rvv It goes onto the LCD side prongs as shown here on the picture :)

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@teetopp the one OP shows is plastic. the connectors you mention are metal.


they slide over the metal prongs as pictured. they are just a plastic (Rubber) protector on all oem screens


Oh that makes sense. Okie.


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I think it is the speaker amplifier but I am probably not authorised to tell you.

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