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Lock button partially (not)working, needs reboot to solve


My iPhone 6 lock button was broken so i ordered a replacement and tryed to fix it.

The fix did not work until I rebooted my iphone and than it was working for some time until it got broke again.

I found out that rebooting fixes the problem for some time and than it will get bugged again, the only way to get it working is to reboot the phone.

So now i am going trough the day rebooting my iphone to keep the lock button working... :D

Does anybody have any idea what is wrong and how I can fix this?

Thanks in advance!

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The first thing to consider is that replacement small parts, such as buttons, sensors etc tend to have high failure rates. Ideally, you need to test with known-good parts or failing that, parts from reputable or at least different vendors.

The other possibility is some kind of damage occurring during your repair. I would go back through this guide to double check your steps. Pay particular attention to the condition of the connector and the components surrounding it, as they can be easily damaged.

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Gotta Be honest, I love positive attitude! "So now i am going trough the day rebooting my iphone to keep the lock button working... :D" You can figure this out. are all the cables connected nice and tight if the power button only works intermittently.

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Hi Aiden,

Yes I think everything is well connected, tried to reconnect it a few times.

And it is not that it stops working when I shake or bump my phone, or any other physical event. I can't figure anything out what makes it stop working, there is no consitnecy in it. And ones it stops working it is broke until I reboot, no other way to fix it... So I personally think its not a cable issue, but ofcourse I could be totally wrong...


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