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Bent iPhone 7 plus

I recently brought my phone to the Apple Store for problems i've been having with my phone. They then discovered that I have a slight bend on the rear housing.

My initial problem was that when I turn it on the phone flashes a white screen with the apple logo. I've tried rebooting it through iTunes at times it will turn on and allow me to set up as a new phone but it doesn't stay on, and when it is on when i make or receive phone calls I can't be heard.

In addition the camera and voice recorder is not working, is there a possible solution to this? I'd rather not give in and bring it to Apple for repair. Any help is appreciated!

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A bent frame can cause logic board damage. It may be fixable but it's hard exactly what the issue is based on what you shared in your question. The only real option other than an Apple OOW replacement is to have it looked at by a reputable micro-solderer. The risk with bent logic boards is that the damage could be "inside" the board and therefore not truly fixable.

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For iPhone 7 bent frames, generally apple OOW is the way to go, I haven't found a way to bend them back in place.


Is there a way to test what the exact issue is?


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