The Toshiba Satellite is a laptop released in 2009.

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upgrade motherboard and processor

HI, I have old Toshiba Satellite P200 laptop, motherboard had burned out with cpu. Now I need to repair it, what is the good combination motherboard and processor for this model that I can upgrade for replacement ?? thanks in advance and hope that you all can help.

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All laptops are designed from the ground up. All parts for this particular laptop will only fit this laptop series.

In order to repair this particular laptop, you will need the exact motherboard. You should provide the full model number so I can find specs and get you the matching CPU for the motherboard. Or if you think yours works, you can move it over.

Here is the motherboard on Ebay,

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Actually, I'd advise getting the same motherboard you had so you don't damage anything. Because the best one is the one it was built for.

sorry @mayer and @oldturkey03 ! I realized the answer a few seconds after calling you.

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