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What is wrong with my iPhone 6?

I dropped my Iphone 6 for the 5 time at school while sitting at my desk and I reach down to put my phone in the side pocket of my bag and instead of going into the bag it dropped face down on the tile floor and i picked it up and turned it on and it showed me my lock screen and faint dark lines one the left side of my phone were the head phone hole is at and then my screen went black so i tried holding in my home button and power button and it turned it on slightly so i could see a blue screen but nothing on it and it only stays on for about 4 seconds before turning back off. My friend and I thought it was my LED screen that was broke but it wasn't because my screen isn't crackd or busted but my screen is popped up on the bottom right corner of my phone. Anyone have any advice for help?

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the glass doesnt need to break for the lcd to break, i suggest you get the screen replaced first to see if it solves the problem

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Get the screen replaced.

Face down drops are why screens go bad without physically looking cracked.

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