Third generation Surface Pro tablet, released June 20, 2014.

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Pro Won't turn on

My surface pro 3 is out of warranty their was a problem with the battery microsoft wanted £470 to repair it , I found a guy who said he could fix it so he replaced the battery but also had to replace the screen for £340, this was on April it was working utill now . I noticed that the battery was showing 51% not charging, so I shut it down to see if it would charge over night the day it was the same 51% not charging I then removed the power cord from the tablet and it shut down I had to go through the force shut down 30 secounds and two buttin 15 second's it came back on stayed on for 20 minutes but shut down again somtimes it would stay on longer , I know its up to date I've tried the removal of drivers and restart but still showing 51% not charging that's when I could get it on , and now it won't even turn on ? I have now put in some pictures and videos before it packed up I did try all the methods to get it back but none will work

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has the guy installed the same batter as required with the same amphere rating


The honest answer I don't know because the guy I gave it to passed it onto another guy , now nether of them will answer me the laslast text message I got from the first guy said quote ( Rod , I can message him, but I think he gave a 3 months warranty on it , from memory ) so it looks like I'm stuck .


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How long ago was the battery replaced?

Also check the battery health using hwmonitor64.

You can actually monitor the current capacity, design capacity and full charge capacity which will tell you the battery health.

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Hello Ben,

Replaced in April 2017

As for hwmonitor64.I'm lost ?????

The charger USB port works for phones and other tec

The light on the charger cord comes on when plugged into the tablet,

But nothing the charger or brick is cold tablet still won't come on,



The download link for the software is here:

Sorry about that, I did not read properly that the tablet does not turn on.

Try holding power + volume down for 15 seconds and try turning on / charging the tablet again.

But it could be just a faulty Surface Pro 3/4 charger. Note that Pro 3 and 4 use the same charger so if you are planning to try another charge you can use either one of them.


Thanks Ben I can’t put the videos of it here because they are too big if I had your email address maybe I could send them to you, I will see if I can get another charger to try on it,


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