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Dell SFF desktop introduced for the home market in 2007.

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replacing WN097 - Inspiron 530s audio and front usb ports IO Board

I have done some research and found that it is relatively easy to replace, simply just plugs and screws. but when i search for the part to buy i see Model: vostro 200 dell inspiron 530s. I am worried about the "vostro 200" part making uncapatable with my pc. does anyone know if it will be compatable

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@thebuck2613 why would that worry you. It is not uncommon that parts are cross compatible with other models. After all, the Vostro 200 is just another Dell computer. If you are really unsure about what to do, I would ensure that wherever you buy it from has a return policy.

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i know some things on electronics can be very picky and ive not went this far into my pc before. the most ive done has been installing a cd drive.

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