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Portable wireless speakers from Logitech released in 2013.

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Hi my dog had destroyed the rubbery plastic on the device how can fix

Hi my dog has destroyed the outer shell of my UE boom is there anyway of me fixing it

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Can you post of pictures so we can see whats damaged.

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not exactly an answer here but i did find this much, if you intend to fix the UE Boom by yourself you do void the warranty, so if you have a warranty it would be better to have them replace/repair it for you. unfortunately i could not find a video or tutorial on how to replace the rubber

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@thebuck2613 - I think it's a bit late on the warranty (dog chewing is not covered). The link on the top right offer access to all of the guides we have on the UE Boom: UE Boom guides (here's a follow up URL link)

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