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How did my MagSafe 2 burn out?

Hi all,

A couple hours ago my MagSafe 2 died. I was using my MacBook and suddenly the laptop stopped charging. I looked at my charger and it smelled burnt. I saw burn marks on the plastic.

Of course the charger is not working anymore... I am planning to buy a new one, but how can it happen that the charger is burnt like this?

ps: I noticed the last weeks that the charger did not work the first time I plugged it in. I needed to unplug/plug etc. to let it work.

Hope someone has an answer! Thanks in advance.

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I've seen a lot of Magsafe cables fray over time with use, they're not exactly indestructible, and it's possible if the cable were to fray that it could cause a short. You said you saw burn marks on the plastic, so I'm assuming the failure happened in the brick?

It's difficult to say why it would have died, perhaps it was just a fluke or a power surge. My recommendation is that when you do buy a new one, make absolutely sure that you're buying a genuine Apple charger. I have personally had some good luck with cheap eBay chargers, but I've heard a LOT of bad stories about them (like destroying Macbooks) from other people who know a lot more than me, so I won't be buying the cheap ones anymore.

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Yes, I saw it at the brick. The end (where the pins are) are just fine. I opened the brick, I was curious and saw that most of the components are burnt, totaly black...

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FYI, just be careful when trying to open power supply bricks, they contain capacitors in them that can hold deadly charges. I have heard of at least one person who died after opening an Apple power brick.

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