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Lanzado el 19 de septiembre de 2014, este iPhone de pantalla de 5.5" es la versión más grande del iPhone 6.

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New Screen not working

I recently bought an iphone 6 plus from ebay with a smashed screen with the hope to replace the screen and use it. The smashed screen works, except from the touch doesnt, so I can see that the phone powers on as usual, battery holds charge etc. When I first replaced the screen, I got no reponse from the device, I thought I had damged something, but when replacing the original screen, it still powered on. I tried again, but still no luck, so I returned that screen assumong it was faulty, I then ordered another replacement screen, with the same problem. Am I just really unlucky and have had two dodgy screens or could there be some damage to a connnector I am missing? I dont think however this could be damage to a connector or otherwise I wouldnt get anything on the broken screen. Please help! Many thanks

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You most likely have Touch Disease on your phone. Google it :) Ask anything if you need help

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Hi, thanks for the speedy reply! I do know of touch disease, but the weird thing about this is the replacement screens do not show anything, no apple logo no sign of life at all, however I know the phone is working, because it is recognised in itunes, and can be put into recovery mode etc. Any thoughts?

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Hold a flashlight to the screen when you turn it on and see if you see a faint image. Also when it powers on all the way, hit the power button quick to wake it and have your flashlight on the screen. It sounds as if there is a bad backlight circuit.

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I'd try a screen from a different supplier as you can get screens with manufacturing defects, I've had this problem before and it was solved with a screen from a different supplier.

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