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A budget companion phone for the Galaxy SIII, Also known as Samsung I8190 Galaxy S3 mini, Samsung Galaxy S III more. Available as Samsung I8190N Galaxy S III mini with NFC. Identifiable by the model number GT-i8190.

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How Do You Network Unlock a Phone?

If you go to a normal plaza or mall, there obviously would be that one sketchy tech/electronic store that offers repairs/phone unlocks. How do those stores know how to network unlock phones? I'ts so weird that there isn't a way on how to network unlock a phone on YouTube or a forum post, and a random guy down the street opens up a phone repair shop and knows how to unlock phones! How do they do it? Do they pay a company to get access to the tool they use or what? I really want to know how to unlock phones without paying a website online or physically paying someone. Please tell me because maybe one day I'd like to be that guy opening an electronic shop down the street.



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Ahorra reparando con un kit todo en uno.

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Ahorra reparando con un kit todo en uno.

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Depends on the person unlocking.

Some are people with connections to crooked contacts inside a customer support of a phone carrier like AT&T or similar.

Otherwise you need to purchase an "Octopus Box" or similar. This needs a direct connection to the phone, and you would actually need to be familiar with where or how to look for the unlock code.

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Can you also use an Octopus Box for iPhone?

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No. iPhone use iTunes to unlock based on a whitelist/blacklist of IMEI numbers held by the carrier such as AT&T.

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