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7 replaced screen, stuck in bootloop,now screen is black/unresponsive

So I replaced the screen on my iPhone 7 and it was stuck at the apple bootloop, then the battery died, put it on the charger, it said it was charging, but now it is black and completely unresponsive.

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also tried to dfu and recovery mode before the phone become unresponsive but iTunes would never detect a phone


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This can be many problems and I'm unsure of what this can be because there is just so many. However, I can give you a few typical problems when replacing a screen.

You used the wrong screw in the wrong hole and haven't organised your screws which leads to long screw damage.

You didn't connect the cables correctly and they aren't aligned properly

Other than that I'm unsure as I have never had this problem. Maybe someone else from the community will be able to help you with this one.

Hope that helped Thanks.

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