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Why is there a Downloading on my phone?

I took my galaxy note8 off of its charger and now it has a arrow pointing down and Downloading Do not turn off target on it. My screen is Aqua blue and in the left hand corner it has description of my phone and RPMB fuse blown and FRP lock:on ...Qualcomm Secureboot:Enable......please help my phone want turn on or off.

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If none of the normal buttons are broken, you simply put it in "Download mode" which is holding down a Volume button + Power.

Simply hold the power down to power off the phone, and it will turn off. Turn the phone back on, it should work as normal.

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Thank you soooooo phone back on and working perfectly....whew I was about to go in panic mode LMBO!!!


i am having this same issue, tried to just power down but it wont. please help!


You have to hold a volume key and the power key. I just did this and it worked.


Mine wont work by just holding down the power button or both the power and volume. What do I do??


My neighbors brought me their phone with this problem. This worked quickly and they think I am a genius. Thank you!


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