LG V10 boot loops, freezes, and fails to boot (activate LCD).

I'm aware this documented problem also affects the G3, G4, and G5.

Logic board is cleared of all personal data, so this has become my tinkering project of the month.

I'm fooling around with copper shims and copper tape. I have created very mild LCD discoloration around the area with the copper. I will gladly tolerate this cosmetic flaw.

Ready to use a hot air station on the logic board. What size tip should I use, and what heat and time settings should I use for a poor-man's reflow? I have tried before on low settings (150 deg C) with a wide tip. It did little to change the behavior of the phone. I also have access to an IR/temp gun to gauge surface temperature.

This is the Verizon version (VS990).

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