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Half touch screen is not working? Lenovo Phab 2 Plus

I dropped my Lenovo Phab 2 plus a few days ago. It looks completly fine. No broken screen or touch. Still, half touch is not working. What should I do?

How to fix it?

Should I change my touch screen or complete glass and touch screen?

Thank you in advance!

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Whatever the issue is, you need to disassemble it to inspect it.

Here is a video.

1) check for loose cable. If it is loose, make sure it is firmly attatched then reassemble

2) If the screen is at fault, replace the whole assembly.

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Given the symptom, what is the most likely problem area?


Given that it was dropped its either of the 2 things that I mentioned, either a cable came loose, or internal hidden crack on the digitizer. The display is a single piece so replacing the whole assemble is easier than just replacing the digitizer.


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