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Repair and disassembly guides for Sony DVD players.

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DVD door will not open

This model is RDR-VX515, VCR/DVD recorder combo. When I press the eject button I hear a noise as if the ejection process has begun. Then the tray does not open and I get the message "LOAD" as if the tray has opened and I have closed it. The next message is "NO DISC."

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I would take the cover off, then plug it in and press the eject button to see whats preventing it from opening. Sometimes the mechanism that holds the DVD in place can get stuck, or something could be jammed in that whole mechanism chain ... you'll see what i'm talking about when you observe it with the cover off. You should not need to take anything apart ... just watch it when you try to eject and the cause of it should be obvious. Post back if you can't figure it out or you see something and don't know how to handle it.

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This is a Wonnie DVD player, the DVD door is opened by pressing on the door. There is no eject button.

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