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Repair guides and support for Trio tablets on the Android operating system.

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Why did my battery explode

ive not even had my tablet a year an a few nights ago it was shut off an wasnt charging its battery exploded what can i do about this

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If it's the battery I would contact the main manufacturers service team and address this issue which is a potential hazard to all their consumers. I would also bring this up to the seller that you obtain this product from, if differ of course.

Do be cautious with batteries. Fumes are very dangerous to your respiratory system, and the liquid can cause skin irritation if not handled properly.

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Li-ion batteries store high quantities of energy in form of Chemical-electrical energy... chemically speaking, they can become unstable due to a number of factors, get more info here:

It is best to take care of your batteries and buy only from established battery manufacturers (they have better manufacturing process and stricter Quality control). Watch out for bloated batteries as they indicate some unwanted reactions inside (bloating due to gas production)

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