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También conocido como Samsung on5 (2016) con el número de modelo G-570. Un cuerpo metálico delgado con vidrio Corning Gorilla y chipset cuádruple exynos 7570.

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My phone screen is unresponsive after water damage, can this be fixed?

So i've had this model of phone for a couple of months now and for the second time it has been damaged by water. (This is the second model as the first one also had water damage and was not repairable). It was not completely submerged and was in the water for less than a second but water still managed to get inside. I took everything out, dried it, used rice and restarted it a few times and the phone still manages to turn on and function almost normally. However, my screen is unresponsive despite the phone still working. It has never been dropped, scratched or anything else but i have files on there that i need and i'd rather not get a completely new model again as my make of phone is no longer available near me.

Also, the screen was bright red and blurry the first time i turned it on after i had dried it. Just over 24 hours later (now) it's fine apart from the screen issue. So what i'd like to know is:

What could the problem be?

Can it be fixed?

If not, how can i transfer files from one phone to another if the touch screen is unresponsive?

Thank you, any information would be appreciated.

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My Samsung a71 got slightly wet at the bottom where the charging port is I put it in rice for two days it's working but touch screen is unresponsive what do I

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I have se same phone, and same thing happened. what was the outcome of your problem?

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Hi. this is my current problem… I’m not bothered about having to replace the phone… but really don’t want to lose stuff.. What are my options to try and save the phone contents and where do i go to get this help? Thanks in advance

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The most comon reason that touch doesnt function after waterdamage is that the shorts from theminerals in the water had fried out your Touch control circuit, on the screen assembly, and the screen would need to be replaced.

howerver, there is also the possibility of board damage.

1) corrosion on the board could be hindering current flow to the screen, in which case, a corrosion cleanout procedure would fix the issue. This is a lot cheaper, but a lot less likely to work.

2) corrosion on the board could have fried or damaged other components related to processing the touch control circuit, and this would be unrepairable at a reasonable cost. at this point, replacing the device is your only option.

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Thank you! After hearing this, i sincerely hope it's not as bad as you say it could be and at this point/hopefully there'll be some chance of saving it as the device doesn't seem to be in as bad as a condition as it was when this last happened. Will my insurance hopefully cover most of this damage?

Thanks for this, it was a huge help :)

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if you are paying monthly for phone insurance from your carrier (protection plans are what they will usually call them), you will likely pay a deductable betweeen 100-250 for a new phone. rather than the 600-900$ the phones cost.

Warranties however have not coverage for water damage.

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Sometimes after water damage you can clean any corrosion and just replace the screen since it's not working correctly. I've managed to do this numerous times with repairs.

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