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Why does my Honda accord keep cutting out?

Hi, I have an automatic 98 (may be 97) model 6cyl Honda accord which keeps cutting out randomly. She does this while hot and cold, idling, low revs, high revs, low speeds and high speeds. Starts up straight away afterwards. Have taken it to the mechanic and they think its a 50/50 chance of it being the distributor but that is a $600 part (plus labour) which if I don't want to have to purchase if not needed.

Any ideas?

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Have you replaced the plugs on it? I'm not sure if that model has it but if it has the spark plug wires, those need to be replaced when the plugs are replaced. If the plugs haven't been replaced, use NGK or ACDelco branded plugs and if possible, pre gapped. It could be misfiring because of plugs, even if they are new. If that doesn't help, it is possible then the distributor is out. But I would check that out first since plugs and wires would be the cheapest, especially if they haven't been replaced.

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