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HTC Desier 816 : Not Turning on

this htc shut down suddenly and never turn on again , i 've searched for the service manual or datasheet or schematics but i didnt find anything , the battery seems dead the voltage drop on its pins is 0.8 volt when i put the charger it still 0.8 , removed the battery and measured the voltage drop between mobile battery socket pins while connecting the charger and the voltage drop was 0 , i tried to turn it on using my power supply when i press on power button it start consuming current 0.13 amp and keep like that if i let it connected to the power supply with no turning on , so i think the problem is on charging IC , what do you think , and what do you advice me to do


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Try a different charging cable and ac block first just to be sure that isn't a problem. Then try replacing the battery if it seems to be dead. If that doesn't help, you might be looking at more of a component problem internally.

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