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Lost music after ITUNES update

I updated my PC to latest ITUNES last week, plugged in my IPOD to add music, all of a sudden I lost 30 GB worth of music, most of it was ripped audio CD's. Also, does not have most of my recent purchases. Did ITUNES actually delete my media, this never happened before.thanks

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@nitedog some versions overwrite your library files some don't. I download older versions of iTunes from here frequently. Check your computer for the iTunes library files Library.itl and Library.xml Check the date on those. Ultimately I would copy those two files to a safe directory. Something unrelated to iTunes. Then download an older versions of iTunes from here and install it. Then start iTunes while holding the Shift key down and iTunes will then ask you to locate the library files. See if that will help opening your files if the library has not been overwritten

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