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Mic and Receiver not functioning properly - lots of issues


Device is an iPhone 7 running iOS 11.1.

Things started when calls would all of a sudden start to break up, then whenever I try to make a call or receive one the call screen would freeze up and the other party doesn’t hear anything.

I need to close the call screen like you would close an app, so now I can’t make a call.

I’ve noticed that basically any app or service that uses the mic or receiver isn’t working properly:

  • Siri – doesn’t respond to voice
  • Dictating on the keyboard – fails as well
  • Listening to anything on the receiver doesn’t work – for example a voice message on WhatsApp
  • Voice Memo app – gets stuck as well.
  • And so on…..
  • The speaker works as usual though.

I took it to a lab and he said there’s a notorious issue with the iPhone 7’s audio chip and it’s probably it

What do you think?

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Don’t worry, this issue is actually happening to a lot of persons , basically the software sometimes mistakes the microphone switching or the microphone priority, to fix this problem you have to do a full backup for your phone and then restore the software, and you can just wait for the new update and definitely your problem will be solved, for the record sometimes people have different types of problem on the same software version

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