Earbuds by apple with a Lightning connector in place of a 3.5 mm audio jack. Compatible with the iPhone 7, not compatible with MacBooks.

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My EarPods aren’t being recognized by any device.

They are the ones that come with the iPhone 7 and don’t have the conventional 7mm headphone plugin but rather the lightening adapter one for iPhone products. They are brand new and I’m not allowed to buy new ones and they aren’t being recognized by any device I plug it into. Help?

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Please advise what Iphone you are using, not all devices are compatible with the Lightning Connector Ear Pods.


@juax im using a iPhone SE and there not working.


@paperboypaddy if they don't work on an iPhone 7 and your SE, take them to an Apple store for exchange.


@avanteguarde Well there working on a iPhone 6s and iPhone 8, but they’re not working on my SE. The Specs say that there compatible with any iPhone that has a lightning port. And I’m on the latest update. So why isn’t it working?


@paperboypaddy all iPhones with a lightning port, with iOS 10 or newer. What is your iOS at? You may want to bring the phone and earbuds in to the Apple store to see what's going on. They will likely replace them for free if they are not working right. You can probably test another pair at the store too on the SE.


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If they are new, make an appointment with the Genius bar and take them to the apple store.

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