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La Nutri Ninja es una licuadora personal de Ninja Kitchen. Esta licuadora no tiene botones: comienza a mezclar cuando insertas la jarra en la base. Tiene una potencia de 900 vatios.

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Ninja IQ won't turn on

This is actually for :Ninja Auto‑iQ Nutri Ninja Blender, Platinum | BL480

The device won't turn on , any advice?

The lid is screwed tightly and locked in the appropriate direction.

Has anyone had this issue, or dissembled one before?

Any help is appreciated!

Thank you!

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My Nijia Professional Food Processor began not starting some time ago. The tiny locking mechanism on the inner base unit stopped popping back into place when blender cups or upper processor unit removed. Using a point of a “dull” paring knife released it. However after doing that for about a year it now no longer pops back. Trying to learn if it can be repaired or if it’s almost cheaper to buy a new machine. I noted newer Ninjia models have the same type of locking mechanisms. Seems like a design issue.

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Hi there...faced the same problem then solved it by cleaning one of the 2 microswitches located inside the unit. simple wipe to clean food buildup until you hear it click On/Off. Compare with other unit on the opposite side. You may have to replace it of damaged.....This is as far as my problem solving went...good luck!

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Be sure the arrows are lined up on the lid. Then be sure the container is swivel ed in tightly. Should solve the problem.

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