Should I replace my battery?

Recently my battery on my galaxy s7 has dramatically dropped to under an hour of battery life. It costs about $70 to replace professionally but my dad just got laid off and while we can certainly afford that it would be smart to try to save money wherever we can. Before I jump off the deep end I have a few questions after seeing the guide for a battery replacement.

1) How hard is it to not break the glass backing off the phone in the process?

2) For a beginner to phone repair how hard I it do to in general?

3) Is it worth the risk?

4) Can the s7 edge or any other oem higher capacity batteries battery fit in the galaxy s7 so I can give a battery life upgrade as well as a repair?

5) Does the phone remain waterproof after the repair?

6) Can you replace the heat gun with a blow dryer?

Thanks for the help

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See first which credit card you purchased the phone with. Check that credit card to see if it has extended warranty protection on the phone. Most cards double the manufacturers warranty, and you can file a claim with them to get the phone repaired for free.


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This Might help, at your own risk.

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After repairing, the Samsung Galalxy S7 will not waterproof.

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