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large screen tablet, sleek lightweight design, touch screen tablet. Model: NS-14T004.

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Why can't I download specific apps from the Playstore?

I have the Insignia, Model: NS-P10A7100 Android 6.0. The application I want to download from the Playstore is available for me to find and download on my Droid phone, but when I search for the same thing on the tablet I can't find it. Does it mean it's not available to download from the tablet for some reason?

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insignia should be running on android OS. so as long as an app is manufactured for your version of android, it will be available on the play store. the android version should be visible in "Settings, About, Software versions."

if its not mentioned in the app description, you would have to contact your app's support to verify that it is indeed made for that version of android

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The Insignia Flex series run an x86 processor if I am correct. I have the Windows 10 version of the same terrible tablet. :|

In Android they would have to provide an APK to the Play Store specifically for x86, as well as your version of Android for it to run I believe.

This is why your choices are severely limited.

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