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Modelo A1238 / disco duro de 80, 120 o 160 GB / frontal de metal negro o plateado

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Water damage to iPod, then plugged it in, maybe fried!

My son threw my ipod in the toilet...i took it out and dried it off and it seemed to be working the moment i was cleaning and I like to listen to i put in on an ipod player and it played fine...but then later started over heating and now it doesn't power on or do anything...can this be fixed???

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I am inclined to agree with Jacques Richer, except my preference is to clean the logic board with isopropyl alcohol and a soft brush. LEt it dry and definitely check for any corrosion around the components or your logic board and the cable connectors as well. I am a strong believer in replacing the battery after any water immersion. Probably based on my experience with lithium and water. So that is where I would start and then revisit the issue as they arise. Good Luck to you.

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Possibly. I've had a fair bit of success handling problems like this by carefully removing the case and allowing it to dry for 2-3 days. Overheating is an overcurrent problem, so the chances are pretty good that this will work.

Your chances can be noticeably improved by removing the battery and washing out the rest using deionized water (available at grocery/health food stores and major pharmacies). This will help remove any contamination from the water in the toilet.

Case removal directions: Reemplazo de Batería de iPod Classic

The reason I suggest deionized water: The existing contamination is water soluble. It may not be alcohol soluble. If you want to try alcohol, do it after a few good flushes with deionized water, since that will handle salt contamination. Alcohol is great for helping you get the last of the water out.

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How do I take off the case from the seems impossible. It's the 160gb 6th gen IPOD classic..

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hi, Shaneeza. Maybe the link i have posted in my answer can help.

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Hi, I agree with the answer from oldturkey03, and just want to add that it might need more than one cleaning before it decides to return to order. In this forum you'll find repair-guides and you can browse answers to similar questions using the tabs to the right on this page.

If you get stuck trying to getting the iPod opened I've made this post that might help:

good luck

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+ Good job on your blog.

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try resetting it by first pushing the menu then push and hold the select key while toggling the hold button back and forth a few times ,continue holding the center select button aprox. 10 more seconds or until the apple icon appears.

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