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Strange battery issue after replacing the battery

Hello there, after I replaced the battery of my iPhone with a new one, it won't charge anymore. It still detects when the power adapter is plugged in : when I plug the iPhone, I can see the low battery red icon.

Let's recap what I did :

1/I did enter recovery mode to try to make a fresh install of iOS. To do so, I unplugged the battery so I could get out of this low battery menu. Unluckily, I got the errors 2001 and 2002 (I tried several times).

2/I got an idea : enter DFU mode, start the recovering process with iTunes, all of this with the battery UNPLUGGED. When the recovery started, I instantly connected back the battery to the iPhone. Thus, the iPhone did reinstall iOS : recovery complete !

3/However, I still can't turn this device on. I still get this magnificent low battery icon. Any ideas of what could be the problem ? I thought about the lightning port which may be dead. But I'm surely wrong I guess.

Thanks for your help !

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Could be a faulty battery as well. But in terms of the Tristar chip there are lots of places out there that can repair or replace the chip just have to look around it’s a pretty common thing.

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It sounds like you either have a faulty Charging port or the U2 Charging IC is bad.

Check out this link to see if it describes your symptoms:

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%#*@ I think that might be my problem. I guess I have to replace the motherboard then ? (Don't have all the tools she has lol)

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Thank you guys for your answers, I'm gonna try to put another battery in, I'll tell ya how it does.

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I have been out of luck, replacing the battery a third time did solve the problem. Had a faulty replacement battery.

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