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Un teléfono inteligente Android de Samsung para el mercado asiático, conocido por muchos números de modelo, lanzado en diciembre de 2014.

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A5 2017 SIM ejector poked into mic hole will it damage the waterproof?

The sim ejector was poked into the mic hole of my brand new A5 2017. Will this damage the waterproof feature of the phone? Will i not be able to dip the phone in water?

Please assist.

P.s i was informed that the mic it self is waterproof and there's no any "MESH"unlike in S7 phones.

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"if you !$$&* me do i not bleed"

If it were me, I would not dip in water in the first place. Is it out of warranty? If so, then I would not test nor tempt the fates.

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Are you kidding me? A quote from Shakespeare gets censored. I guess !$$&*! aren't kosher ;-) Hopefully if I tickle you, you will laugh.

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Even though it has 11 months of warranty period still remaining, i don't think that the warranty covers errors or damages caused by us.

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No, your phone will retain its waterproofing. The A5 is structured so that won't happen.

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Thank you for answering.

Can you please elaborate?

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No, the phone is designed to be waterproof even if you have ejected the SIM multiple times. Just make sure you have fastened it on tightly before you dunk it. The reason why there is not "mesh" is because the slot if just entirely blocked off, little to no holes in it. Just MAKE SURE YOUR SLOT IS ON TIGHTLY. MAY DAMAGE YOUR SIM CARD AND PHONE IF YOU DO NOT PUT IT BACK IN RIGHT.

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Hi Edison,

Thank you for the reply..

I think you haven't got it properly..

this is nothing to do with the sim tray or sim...

what my issue is,

the Sim ejector pin which comes with the phone (needle like thing/pin like thing) was poked into the tiny MIC hole (next to the charging port).

will this damage the waterproof feature?

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If you've poked a hole in the mic... well, that might be bad. If you've punctured the mesh/wax paper, yes, no more waterproofing. I would consider having it checked.

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